Have you ever heard about yutori? If you think it sounds a bit Japanese, then you are right.

Yutori is a Japanese concept for living with spaciousness.

It may sound a bit complicated, but it is rather the opposite. By incorporating this concept into your life, you gain lots of beautiful moments and life fulfillment.

The first time when I heard about yutori was during the restorative yoga course I took in Munich.

I realized that I had been a real yutorist forever. And enjoying this way of living makes me feel very happy.

And what about you? If you want to try, it is very simple:

Bring more spaciousness to your daily routines and activities.

You can reach the state by conscious living at the present moment.

For example, if you like to drink coffee or tea in the morning, try to get up a few minutes earlier to fully enjoy the morning ritual. Close your eyes and focus on the smell of your hot drink. Let it blossom in your nose. Enjoy slowly your sips. Look out of the window to welcome the new day. How is the morning today?

If you have a business appointment, try to leave a bit earlier so you can enjoy a few moments somewhere around the meeting place.

Take a glance over the river flowing through the city. Witness the street life around you. Focus on the sounds you can hear. Just stop and enjoy the moment of your life.

You will see how calm you will feel when meeting your appointment.

If you travel and there is a beautiful view, stop and lengthen the moment for a while. Enjoy the view a bit longer. Before getting up, enjoy the lazing in your bed for a few more moments. When reading a book, stop time to time and let the words fade away.

Do not create any opinions or thoughts in your mind. Just observe and witness those coming and going away.

Bringing spaciousness to your life is whatever brings mindfulness.

It is like you would live the present moment a bit longer.

We could compare it to meditation. One way how to meditate is to focus on an object, for example, burning candle. If you are used to meditating, then you will not struggle with not paying attention to your thoughts and your monkey mind.

It is like you create space-gap between the two thoughts.

You can experience something similar by focusing on the present moment.

If you start practicing, you may create only short gaps between your thoughts, but it is a very good start. The more you practice, the easier it will be for you not to pay attention to your mind.

You will experience inner peace. You will reach a different dimension of perceiving your life.

You will get closer to your real self, closer to your true being, which has always been part of yourself—just covered by clouds of your egoistic self, created by your mind.

I have the feeling that we use our minds too much these days. But we are more than our minds.

I wish you nice yutoring!


Hana Bartošová
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