Thoughts Inspired by Rumi

Sometimes we forget to do things we have always liked. When I was a kid I loved reading and reciting poems, but a long time has passed since I had some poems in my hands. So, I decided to change that. The first author who came to my mind was Rumi. His quotes are quite popular among yogis, and I always wanted to read something from him.

I started to google and was waiting for my inner voice to tell me which book resonates with me now. Unfortunately, there are not many titles in my native language, but luckily there is a quite big choice in English.

I decided to read Rumi’s Little Book of Life. The Garden of the Soul, the Heart, and the Spirit.

It is a collection of 196 poems. The book is beautiful, full of thoughts touching our hearts even today. In this post, I would like to share some of the thoughts inspired by Rumi, but first, something about the author.

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī known simply as Rumi

lived 1207-1273. He was a Persian poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic. He was born in Persia (today Afghanistan) and died in Konya, Turkey. Crowds of people with different nationalities and religions gathered at his funeral.

The most important work is called Masnavi. It is an extended poem of 45.000 verses, which are divided into 6 books.

Rumi also mentioned the idea that Earth is revolving around the Sun. Maybe you remember that Copernicus, who is known for his heliocentrism, lived much later 1473-1543. One of his other exciting thoughts is that atom is a copy of the solar system in which we live. It’s just amazing!

And now some thoughts inspired by Rumi’s book:

Don’t grieve over past joys, be sure they will reappear in another form.

Sometimes we want things to remain the way they are, but nothing lasts forever. Life is a change and change is a life. Let’s be happy from all new joys coming to our life otherwise we remain frozen in the past, and the new nice moments will be slipping through our fingers.

Do not rely on anything but your heart

Do you know that from any of the body organs, heart generates the strongest electromagnetic field? The heart’s field is many times stronger than the one activated by the brain, and it can be detected several steps away from our body. So who has the main word brain or heart?

This body is a guesthouse each morning someone new arrives. Welcome them all for they may be messengers from the invisible. Do not feel burdened by them or they may go back to non-existence. Each time a thought enters your heart, treat it as an honored guest, your worth is shown by the thoughts you entrain.

I like to treat my emotions in the same way. I warmly welcome all my feelings  and listen to each of them. There is no need to think of them like good or bad emotions. They are all messengers. Through them, we get to know ourselves better. They show us the right way. And sometimes, the less happy emotions can help us to move forward.

Without the fury of thunder and lightning, the plants will be scorched by the sun. Be grateful for all you receive, good and bad alike, for it may be a gift from the treasury of Spirit that will bring the fulfillment of your most secret desire.

We all would like to experience mostly happy moments. But there would be something missing without the other side of the coin. Life would not be complete. By accepting the things the way they are, we don’t waste our energy and time for the fights that can sometimes destroy us much more than what life brings us.

What you see, ugliness or beauty, is your own reflection.

Life is mirroring all the time. Sometimes we can see it clearly and sometimes not. I believe that humility, understanding, and gratitude will always help us to stay on the right way, even if we don’t see what is being mirrored at the moment.

Man is like the water of a river, when turbit, you cannot see the gems and pearls lying underneath. Do not stir the water if you want to see the reflection of the moon and stars. The spirit of man is like air, but when the dust is stirred, the sun becomes obscured.

Having our mind set the wrong way, everything is swirling, our thoughts, emotions, our perceptions of who we are. Finding inner peace is like soothing the stirred water and let the dust to sit down.

People may look for nourishment outside, but mine comes from within.

We chase different attractions that life has to offer: titles, well-sounding positions at work, beautiful houses, branded cars. Fulfillment and happiness, however, comes from a different source.

False words disturb the heart, only truth brings peace.

Being honest with yourself  brings along huge relief, understanding, inner balance, happiness. Honesty is not just about telling the truth. It’s about being real with yourself and others about who you are.

I wish you all beautiful day.


Hana Bartošová
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