Rain Towers

Sound healing is my great hobby, and ever since I  started practicing it, I have been trying to find different instruments with beautiful therapeutic sound.

Some of you may be familiar with rain sticks. I love the sound they make, and I wanted to buy one. To play it, you hold the stick under a certain angle and slowly rotate it as the filling runs down.

I thought it was a pity that there was no instrument that produced the same effect without me touching it. It had always been my dream to have an instrument that would provide me with a nice ‚sound bath‘ while completely relaxed.

However, I decided to purchase the rain stick, and while I was googling to find the one that resonates with me, I came across a monsoon rainmaker. It is a small tower that creates a rainfall sound by itself while standing. Once the filling is all the way on one side, you just turn it the other way around like an hourglass. But it only plays for bout half a minute.

I am excited! My dream exists! But more time is needed to reach meditative and harmonizing states. 

Google Guru

I did not lose hope. Somebody invented this little guy so there must be a bigger brother somewhere. I continued googling, and I found the rain towers! I was thrilled as they are made in different sizes and lengths of playing. It was amazing!

I kept googling with a question in my head: Was there any place in Prague where I could listen to these beauties live? Or even could buy them? Yes! The next day I made an appointment at Dajana in Žižkov in Prague. I could not wait for that day.

They had many of them there, all with a bamboo corpus. It was what I was looking for all the time. I tried different sizes to check their sound. And I was pretty clear about buying at least one, one day.

Some time passed, and my birthday was approaching. My parents asked me what I would like for my birthday. First, a sewing machine came to my mind. I would not mind having one. But later I remembered the nice experience with the rain towers and that was it.

I turned back to google Guru (as my teacher of yoga philosophy used to say) to check the current options. I was hoping for a cheaper version, and I was happy to find one. I found the website of Břetislav Bátěk. His prices were way cheaper, so I decided to explore his offer.

I Was Happy

I was nicely surprised that besides the bamboo option, they also had some pieces from ash that have a softer sound. Making a decision was not easy. I listened to different combinations of the towers.

I really enjoyed the moment when I had six of them in different sizes around me. I wanted to buy all of them at once!

Another set up I really enjoyed was the combination of two towers – one with ash corpus 88 cm high and the other one from bamboo and 60 cm high. They create a beautiful sound together. You choose which one you would like to stand at your head and which one at feet. The distance from the body always depends on how sensitive you are at the moment. 

If I have stimulated your interest in these beauties, I am happy. I think they are the most wonderful therapeutic instruments I know.

To give you an idea the bamboo variant exists in following sizes, in brackets, I also mention how long they play: 40 cm (2 min), 50 cm (4 min), 60 cm (7 min), 70 cm (9 min), 85 cm, 88 cm (17 min), 120 cm (30 min). Higher versions are also available on your request.

And How Does the Rain Tower Work?

The tower is handmade from natural materials. It is a hollow body made from resonant wood with hundreds or thousands of spines. Also, there are several kilograms of grain inside. It is a mixture of coriander, millet, and tuned crystal balls.

When we stand the tower on one end, the filling starts running down, and beautiful sounds of rain, streams, and waterfalls are created.

To achieve a more profound harmonizing effect, I recommend at least 10 minutes of the ‚sound bath‘. You can also arrange it in the following way: Buy the smaller tower with the shorter playing time, and once it finishes, you slowly turn it round to the other side

The rain tower is a source of natural harmonizing frequencies that eliminate stress and tension. It calms the body and mind and helps to reach meditative alpha, theta, and delta levels that regenerate the organism. You will feel calm, relaxed, balanced, lighter, recharged – just wonderful!


Hana Bartošová
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