My story

I have been teaching yoga for more than 15 years.

I love to laugh.

All my life I have been interested in personal development and further studies.

I believe inner peace is essential to us.

I fell in love with ballroom dancing.

I love traveling. 

  • Holistic Coach from 2022
  • Yoga Teacher from 2007
    RYT®500 Yoga Alliance. Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, L. Lasater. 300hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Sampoorna India. 200hr Multi Style Yoga Teacher Training Yandara Sweden. Power yoga FISAF.
  • Sound Healing Practitioner from 2019
    Integral Sound Healing Individual Clients and Groups, SHA UK.
  • Aerobic and Group Fitness Instructor from 2004
    PortDeBras (Progression, Par Terre, Intermediate, Band, Basic, Introduction), Step advanced, Aerobic, Muscle Conditioning, BOSU - FISAF, FACE.

How Sharing Life on the Calm Wave Has Become my Passion

I think that living on a calm wave is one of the most important tasks in our lives. And what does it mean to live on the calm wave? You find your inner peace, and you protect it. We need to take care of our inner peace the same way we take care of the other things in our life.

"Do not let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace."

Dalai lama

Living with inner peace means having a more cheerful, loving, balanced, colorful, lighter, and happier life. There are less stress and tension.

The feeling of separation disappears. Everything is connected and makes sense.

I Did Not Think Much About Inner Peace Before

Sometimes I did not feel happy inside. My inner peace was disturbed by my attitude to myself and others around. I was too tough and had high demands on everybody, including me. I thought fighting and hard work are necessary to move forward.

I understood emotions as being positive and negative. Those negative ones I tried to rewrite, suppress, or ignored them completely. I wasn't connected to myself.

Being a Group Fitness Instructor has been my hobby, my passion for many years. But I exaggerated the physical activity. I started to feel exhausted. I felt I needed to calm down a bit more. I thought I slow down by adding another activity that I considered to be calming - power yoga entered my life. My understanding of yoga back those days was a lot about power.

I knew I have to change something. I felt I needed more peace. I just didn't know how to do it.

I Had Many Questions in My Head

What is inner peace? 

Why am I calm one moment and the other one not at all? 

How do I find my inner peace, and how do I keep it? 

Is it possible to have my peace forever?

Where should I start?

I knew it is important to find my way to inner peace. I was guessing it influences many things in my life, but I needed to clear that up. I did not understand it.

Things Were Changing

All my life, I have been interested in personal development and further studies.

It has been the same with yoga. I like to broaden my knowledge through different courses and self-study. I was gathering small pieces, and suddenly things started to make sense.

I remember philosophy classes, where I experienced several moments when you say to yourself ahaaa that's how it is. We talked about Bhagavad Gita (one of the most important sacred books of Hinduism, part of the vast ancient Indian epic Mahabharata), the laws of nature, and discussed various topics from life. One day I realized something.

I understood why yoga is so important to me. It shows me the way to myself, how to be connected to myself and the world outside. It fills me with peace.

Today I consider yoga to be one of the most complex systems that care about humans in all levels of being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Things slowly began to change. Getting to know myself was very important, knowing what is right for me and what is not, just as learning to respect my being now and here and adapt to myself, not to push too hard.

My journey continued. Through yoga, I discovered Tibetan singing bowls. Their sound attracted me. I liked the idea of combining yoga and a variety of therapeutic instruments. I was looking for a course where I could learn more. I started to study at The Sound Healing Academy in the UK. And everything changed so fast.

I had no idea that a new world of sounds and vibrations would open up to me. My sound path took me a way further.

I Share

Sound healing provided me other ahaaa moments. I experienced a significant shift. I got into deeper meditative states. I felt more balanced. I was excited. My friends and people coming to my sessions as "guinea pigs" were thrilled, and they told me:

 „You have to spread it further!“

Sometimes we take over feelings, blocks during our childhood, and they do not have to relate to us at all. The other time we create our barriers, and we may not even know about it. Suppressed emotions and other blocks will imprint in us. It isn't easy to discover what is behind certain conditions we have, so we could work on it and feel better.

I am happy that we have yoga and sound healing at disposal. They both support us on the waves of life, which sometimes get us naturally high and sometimes a bit lower. They help us to calm down, release blocks, recharge, and balance our energy.

I have often heard that I have such calmness and inner peace that others would also like to achieve. And that is why I decided to share and spread it out. 

I believe it is very important to us.