Finding inner peace is the art of awakening.

It is a journey on which we learn to percieve our abilities, boundries and inner strength. It is an adventure guiding us to open our heart and feel grounded.

Hana Bartošová

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Inner Peace Yoga

Sound healing 

You can book individual session with therapeutical instruments or you can join us for one of the group evenings

Life coach

I am on my way to become a life coach and I am truly looking forward to providing you with this service as well.


Join us every Wednesday at 18:00 in Prague or for the PortDeBras weekend.


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Let’s stop and think about inner peace. What is inner peace? Why is it so important to us? Download my free eBook and get inspired by thoughts about inner peace and first steps on the way to find it. 

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Sound healing

Would you like to know more about sound healing or do you wish to try sound bath? 


Check my calendar for regular classes or other events. I am looking forward to seeing you.


I have had several sound healing sessions with my friend Hana Bartošová, and it was an amazing experience. I am a person who can't stop and calm down but when being at the session, it all happened naturally without big effort!!! During the session, I always disconnected from the outer world easily, and I felt how the sounds of instruments were resonating with my body. I really felt the connection. After the session, I felt regenerated and about 10 years younger!!! I highly recommend sound healing with Hana, who is not only my longtime friend but a true professional, to all who need to heal the body and soul or just relax and regenerate. Thank you Hana!!!
Ivana ZelníčkováCurrently traveler
I took the sound bath for the first time, and I was thrilled. The sound of the different instruments and their different intensity, accompanied by the lecturer's pleasant voice, is just a fraction of why I would not hesitate to recommend this lesson to everyone. Being with yourself, in the darkness, perceiving the sounds is a relaxation that each of us deserves.
Radka Rozlivková
I would definitely recommend sound healing to everyone. I was personally surprised how easily I could stop and enjoy it. I felt excellent after the class, and the feeling lasted for several days afterward.
Kateřina Laštovková